Researchers at STORAGECafé wanted to see what moving entails these days, as it clearly affects every sector of real estate, from the need for more housing and self-storage in specific locations to the improvement of transit infrastructure. To identify the latest migration patterns, they analyzed the latest U.S. Census Bureau data and ranked the contiguous U.S. states from the most popular for moving to the least popular, based on the number of move-ins. Researchers then paired each destination state with the most common originating state of its newcomers, resulting in an insightful picture of some of the most widely used migration routes in the country.

Here’s what they found:

• The report on interstate moving patterns in the U.S. ranked Arizona the 7th most popular relocation destination for Americans, with almost 274,000 newcomers.

• The mobility rate in the United States is now at its lowest point since the US Census Bureau started tracking it, in 1947, and in 2018 it dropped under 10 percent for the first time in history; However, around 31 million Americans still moved last year, and 4.6 million of them moved interstate.

• The interstate migration routes that attracted the most people in 2018 were California to Texas, California to Arizona and New York to New Jersey.

• The states seeing the most newcomers were Florida, Texas and California, while those with the fewest were Wyoming, Vermont and South Dakota.

• The most expensive move is from California to Colorado, while the least expensive ones are from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and from Ohio to Michigan.

Other Arizona findings:

Here are our most interesting findings:

• 750 people per day settled in Arizona last year, with Maricopa County seeing the greatest influx from out of state than any other region.

• The primary origin of newcomers to Arizona was, not surprisingly, California, which accounted for no less than 25% (68,516) out of the total number of new residents.

• With almost 180,000 people who moved away in the same time frame, Arizona gained over 94,000 newcomers.

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